How To Acquire A CPAP Mask

Sleeping with CPAP maskA CPAP mask plays an important role in ensuring that the continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP therapy works properly. CPAP therapy is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Selecting the right CPAP mask is as crucial as selecting the right CPAP machine.

A CPAP machine is used to supply pressurized air down your throat in order to keep your airway open when you are asleep. You can breathe in the pressurized air during therapy by using a mask such as the Philips CPAP mask. There are different types and sizes of masks and you need to identify one that is suitable for you.

Where To Buy CPAP Masks

You can buy a CPAP mask from a durable medical equipment vendor near you. DME vendors are authorized to stock medical equipment which is used for the long term. You should try out various masks until you get one that fits you properly and feels comfortable. You can also opt to buy your mask from an online vendor that stocks CPAP equipment.

Sizing when online buying is not possible but there are some things you can do to ensure that you get a good fit. You can buy a mask that has several cushion sizes which you can try out until you get the right fit. You can also get in touch with the online vendor so that they can guide you on the mask that will best suit you. You may be asked questions such as your physical and facial features as well as your sleep habits.

Are CPAP Masks Uncomfortable?

Are CPAP Masks Uncomfortable?If you are claustrophobic whereby you get anxious when you feel enclosed, then the traditional full face mask may not be comfortable for you. This is because the mask covers your nose and your mouth which may make you feel enclosed. You can however use the full face Philips CPAP mask which lies above your mouth but below your nose. The mask is designed to give you sufficient comfort and to avoid irritation as well as red marks on your nose. Cleaning the mask is not a problem as you can easily remove and connect back the frame and the cushion.

Suitability Of Nasal Cushion

The nasal cushion consists of two cushions or pillows that are placed right at the edge of the nostrils. It delivers the pressurized air directly to the nostrils and is therefore suitable when your therapy requires a low pressure. The nasal cushion Philips CPAP mask comes with headgear that is fitted on top of your head so that the tube does not get in your way.

The mask has soft silicone cushions and the frame is padded with a soft fabric. The nasal cushion is suitable if you normally breathe through your nose and do not suffer from nasal congestion. When using this mask, you should not breathe through your mouth as it will interfere with the effectiveness of your therapy.

The Nasal Mask

The nasal mask has a triangular dome like shape and covers your nose. However, the nasal Philips CPAP mask only covers the tip of your nose yet provides a good seal to avoid air leakage. Due to its small size, it does not obstruct your vision when wearing it.