Managing Your Expectations When Undergoing A Tummy Tuck

Managing expectations before and after a tummy tuck will determine how well you will psychologically deal with the process and journey to recovery. Many tummy tuck patients would like to look like their favorite celebrity or would like to regain the looks they had in their late teens and before bearing children. There are expectations which are realistic while there are those which are quite unrealistic. Having the right expectations can go a long way in giving you satisfaction once you have gone through the surgery.

Weight Loss

There are cases where an individual loses a very large amount of weight which results in the excess loose skin around the abdomen. Then there are those who go through liposuction in order to get rid of excess fat in the body thus leaving excess skin. If you have stubborn fat around the abdomen that never leaves no matter what you do, accompanied by the excess skin around your belly then a tummy tuck would be suitable for you. It is best to have a tummy tuck once you have decided not to bear more children and if you are willing to maintain your weight.

Tummy Tuck Procedures

In case you have stretch marks and loose skin below the navel but your upper abdomen is firm and flat, then a mini tuck would be suitable for you. This is a procedure in which a small incision is made just above the pubic hair and the surgeon tightens the loose muscles. Excess skin is also trimmed off resulting in a flat smooth tummy. You will have a thin horizontal scar which is a few inches long.

A full tummy tuck on the other hand is suitable if you have excess skin and fat above and below the navel. The incision runs from one hip bone to the other one and the excess fat and skin are removed. The abdominal muscles are tightened and another incision may be made around the navel to get rid of the excess skin that is above the belly button. An extended tummy tuck is performed if you have sagging skin around your abdomen, hips and the sides of your lower back. You will have a scar running from the lower back all the way to the other side.

Journey To Recovery

It normally takes about six weeks to make a full recovery. However, you may be able to resume work after the second week. Proper diet is recommended as well as lots of fluid and the consumption of foods with fiber. Within the first and second week, slow walking is encouraged and wearing a support garment. You should not walk much within the first few days because too much walking will cause the muscles and skin not to knit together but rather slide against each other.

You may find that you weigh more during recovery but this may be due to the retention of fluid by the body during recovery. Lukewarm showers are recommended as opposed to hot showers mainly because blood vessels relax when you use hot water. This causes the blood to flow to your lower body away from your veins which could cause you to become light-headed.

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